Am here presenting the typical day of a stay-at-home mom (do not wonder if am presenting my own!!)

12:00 AM: Huh… after a long battle of nursing and rocking you finally made the little one sleep.

12:30 AM:Baby cries,you feed her while co-sleeping and she sleeps after a long nursing session.(This cry for nursing then repeats after every one hour).While all these happen Mr.Sperm donor is blissfully snoring and sleeping

2:30 AM: Baby cries and you check her and give her a change.

5:00 AM:Baby cries and you check her and give her a change.

7:30 AM:You have just finished nursing and get up to fix a breakfast for your husband.He says make it quick i will leave in other 15 mins.

7:40 AM:Wondering what best you can prepare in 10 mins,you go for the options like idli,upma and bread toast,serve it with coffee.

7:45 AM: Your husband curses himself for asking you a breakfast(He thinks “i should have ordered burger and a juice”,it would have been better).You check baby and give her a change.

8:00 AM: You puzzle yourself opening the fridge as what to cook for that day,finally after 15 mins you are done with your choice.

8:30 AM: You attempt cutting veggies,halfway you hear the baby crying,leave things as it is,nurse her lying to her side,believing baby would continue sleep for other 1 hr atleast.After 20 mins long nursing she turns and pops up like a spring in the cot.(You curse your fate for being born in this world)

11:00 AM:As she needs some play you are holding her for almost two hours and after a breakfast and short nursing session,she goes back to sleep gifting you a golden time to prepare lunch.

12:30 PM: You have somehow managed to prepare something for lunch atlast.Now you get an idea of why not i have a shower??

12:45 PM: As you attempt to get a shower,lil one wakes up,you comfort her and give her a bath.Dress her up and strap her in a car seat or pram.

1:05 PM: Long shower is luxury when baby is in a car seat or pram,so you finish yours in a jiffy and find out that baby is trying to jump out of her prison,you just save her life.Feed her lunch.

1:30 PM: Husband comes home for lunch,serve him.

1:50 PM: You give the baby in his hands,hurry your lunch as hubby wants to leave soon.

2:00 PM: He leaves for office.You check her and give her a change.And you try hard to make your baby sleep.

3:00 PM: You are successful,she dozed off to sleep.

4:00 PM: Attempt to dishes and other chores,finish successfully in an hours time and now you go to bed for a short nap.

4:20 PM: She wakes up and you try to nurse down to sleep,you fail this time and she wants to play.

6:30 PM:Tireless you!! Still playing with this up and running baby…
Feed her snacks.

7:00 PM: After a short nursing session,she juz sleeps.

7:05 PM: You start checking your gmail,yahoo,orkut,twitter and facebook accounts and update some useful posts(one like this) in your blog(afterall you want to connect to the real world,dont you??)

7:45 PM: You realize that you have not knead your chappathi dough,after scratching your head you decide to do dosa for dinner.

8:00 PM: Husband comes home and this lil lady smelled the frequent visitor’s(yes the husband who visits home for a quick-lunch and good night’s sleep) arrival and wakes up.happily hand over the baby to him

8:30 PM: Fix dinner for both dad n daughter.While the dad enjoys his dinner,you struggle around with this fussy eater to feed at least half a dosai.

8:45 PM: Husband finishes his dinner and relaxes himself.

9:30 PM: After an hour of time with tiny champ you are proud that you had pushed in one whole dosai,kudos dear!!!
(you say it to urself)

9:45 PM:You push in the dinner and start attempting to chores

10:30 PM:Your rocking and nursing down session begins….
(Believing baby would sleep soon,and you wish to charge up yourself for a typical day tomorrow,wondering how blessed your life was when you were single and non parent)

PS: This is how most of the moms are suffering i guess(do let me know if it is not so),and the most annoying question is “Velaikku pogalaiya?? veetula chumma dhan irukkeengala??” (Are you not working?? you are simply staying at home is it??).